Circular City + Living Systems Lab

September 1, 2020

Seth Connell’s Aquaponics Guide

CCLS congratulates Seth Connell on the recent publication of his book, Beginner’s Guide to Aquaponics!

Seth Connell book cover

Seth is a collaborator of CCLS and the founder of Anything Aquaponics. Seth is a specialized consultant in aquaponic system design and fabrication. Seth has experience in both home and commercial aquaponic production techniques and shares his knowledge in this step-by-step DIY guide intended to help anyone who wishes to dive into building their own system. Seth was a guest speaker in CITYFOOD’s architectural Research Studio in spring 2020 where he shared his invaluable expertise in aquaponic growing systems in the context of building integrated agriculture. Learn more about Seth Connell and his aquaponics book here.