Circular City + Living Systems Lab

September 30, 2020

CCLS Presents at ’20 AIA/ACSA Conference

CCLS is excited to be presenting two papers at the AIA/ACSA Intersections conference. The conference is being held virtually this year due to COVID-19, but still features a full program which will delve into carbon challenges and solutions in the built environment. CCLS’s Prof. Gundula Proksch, PhD student Erin Horn, and Masters student Adam Koehn will be attending the virtual conference and presenting two papers- Sourcing Energy from Waste in the Circular City: Integrated Anaerobic Digestion toward long term Decarbonization of Cities, and Adaptive Reuse as Carbon Adaptation: Urban Food Production in the Underused Parking Garages of the Future, a project researched in collaboration with Myer Harrell, Director of Sustainability at Weber Thompson.