Circular City + Living Systems Lab

March 14, 2023

Algaetecture Studio Final Review

The Arch 507 Exploration Studio, Winter 2023, taught by Professor Gundula Proksch, successfully presented their studio projects on integrating algae cultivation in the built environment. Congratulation to all studio members on their thought-provoking, innovative algae projects that foreshadow a new dimension of urban sustainability.

Thank you to our reviewer, Alemseged Bishu,, Matthew Bissen, Integrus Architecture, Magda Celinska Hogness, City of Seattle, Kailin Gregga, Best Practice, Myer Harrel, Weber Thompson, and Cory Mattheis, MillerHull, for their insightful comments and discussions.

The studio projects range in scale from regional intervention to buildings and facade systems: Algae-ification and Decarbonization of the WA State Ferry System (Alec and Reese); Algae cultivation types for mitigating air pollution in Seoul, Korea (Omar and Steven); One Origin, a nonprofit utilizing algae to boost environmental and social sustainability (Annie and TJ); Kelp Town, an autonomous, floating community using micro and macro algae (Keeanna and Stephanie); Algae greenhouse system for self-sustaining communities in desert climates (Justin); Algae Tourism: Hotel and Algae Brewery on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia (Rimin and Conrad); Algae Science and Sustainability Center, Seattle Center (Kellie and Steven); Algaevita, a pavilion for human and planetary health in Central Park, NYC (Farinaz and Eve); and Building as Carbon Filter, Fourth & Madison, Downtown Seattle (Sira).

Studio Members

Keeanna Andres 

Steven Barcikowski

Stephanie Cote

Rimin Dai

Alec Finewood 

TJ Gassaway

Justin Guo

Omar Hernandez Lopez

Siqi (Eve) Hu

Zihao (Conrad) Huang

Kellie Kou

Reese McMichael

Farinaz Sayad

Annie Torgersen

Sira Udomritthiruj

Steven Youn


Studio Faculty

Gundula Proksch